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Debian Bug report #549691 provides information about issues with lvremove failing to remove lvm snapshots. I tested and found that using a version (2.02.98-5) from Sid appeared to resolve the issue. So this is how to backport LVM2 from testing now that testing has a newer LVM2 release since I submitted that bug report. Using testing is better for a debian stable system as the versions used will at a minimum be part of the next Stable release.

Tip: You may like to build the package in a chroot

Build Dependencies

Configure Apt to included packages sources, then obtain the build dependencies and tools.

apt-get build-dep lvm2
apt-get install --no-install-recommends devscripts build-essential debian-keyring fakeroot libfile-fcntllock-perl

Download the latest source from, e.g.

cd /usr/src
dget --extract --allow-unauthenticated ""

Build the package

cd lvm2-2.02.98/
dch -v 2.02.98-6.jamesr1

Make a new comment such as Build against Wheezy

Test if we can successfully build the package

fakeroot debian/rules binary

Build a package properly , without GPG signing the package

dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc

Install the new packages.

dpkg -i ../libdevmapper1.02.1_1.02.77-6.jamesr1_amd64.deb ../libdevmapper-event1.02.1_1.02.77-6.jamesr1_amd64.deb ../dmsetup_1.02.77-6.jamesr1_amd64.deb ../lvm2_2.02.98-6.jamesr1_amd64.deb


Simple Backport Creation

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