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Welcome to the Bit Binary Wiki

I enjoy using GNU/Linux and more specifically Debian. Here you will find guides and general information that I have put together.



Debian Sid Desktop Base
Debian Sid base desktop configuration.
Disable DPMS Fullscreen Video
Disable DPMS and screensaver activation during full screen video playback.
Window Managers
Installation and integration guides for various Window Managers.
Various resources about fonts and font configuration.


Debian Server Base Configuration
Base configuration done on all new Debian Servers.
APC PowerChute Network Shutdown on Debian Wheezy
How to install PCNS on Debian 7 - Wheezy
Active Directory Integrated Squid Proxy
Debian 6 based squid proxy with AD integration
Ubuntu 12.04 MythTV
Ubuntu MythTV install and configuration.
Debian Wheezy MythTV
Debian Wheezy MythTV install and configuration.
Debian Chroot
How to configure a Debian Chroot


Bourne Again Shell configuration
Bash Scripts
Bash Script Repository
i3status 2.7 Wheezy
Build i3status 2.7 On Debian Wheezy
Debian Wheezy Backports by Default
Use Backports by default on a Debian Wheezy system
Debian Wheezy EFI Stub
How to use EFI Stub to boot Debian
TTY Scrollback Buffer Size
How to increase the Linux Console (TTY) scrollback buffer size.
Various information on setup and configuration of the excellent Postfix MTA.
Information on setup and configuration of Cisco Routers and Switches

Debian Package Patches

dmenu Xft
Patch dmenu To Support Xft
Tiling Window Manager Notification
Wheezy msktutil
Update msktutil's control file to work on Debian Wheezy
LVM2 Backport Debian Wheezy
How to backport LVM2 for Wheezy to resolve lvremove issues.
mylvmbackup version 0.14 on Debian Wheezy
Create a Debian package of mylvmbackup 0.14

Archived Articles

Items here are either unfinished or no longer maintained

Debian Sid Desktop - KDE
A Guide on configuring Debian Sid with KDE - unfinished and not being updated.
Windows - RunAs Without UAC Prompts
Run Programs As Administrator Without UAC Prompts For Standard Users
Primus on Debian Wheezy
Build primus on Debian Wheezy
Debian Sid Desktop
A Guide on installing and configuring Debian Sid with a focus on desktop usage.


Temporary or draft articles.

PHD Virtual Disaster Recovery USB3
How to recover from a PHD Virtual VBA De-duplication store on a USB3 disk.
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