Mylvmbackup version 0.14 on Debian Wheezy

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mylvmbackup 0.14 had some features I wanted to use. This is how to build on Debian.

Obtain the source

apt-get install devscripts 
cd /usr/src
wget ""
tar -xvzf mylvmbackup-current.tar.gz
apt-get source mylvmbackup
cp -a mylvmbackup-0.13/debian mylvmbackup-0.14/
apt-get build-dep mylvmbackup
cd mylvmbackup-0.14
dch -v 0.14-0.jamesr1

Make a Comment for the changelog

vi debian/patches/00list

Comment out all the patch file names in this file because version 0.14 includes all of these now except for mylvmbackup.conf's pidfile path which we'll sort out manually.

sed -i 's/\/var\/tmp\/\/var\/run\/' mylvmbackup.conf
sed -i 's/$TMP\/\/var\/run\/'

Then Build

dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc


apt-get install libconfig-inifiles-perl libmime-lite-perl
dpkg -i ../mylvmbackup_0.14-0.jamesr1_all.deb
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