Windows - RunAs Without UAC Prompts

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I recently found a great piece of backup software called duplicati. It supported VSS but unfortunately does not currently support standard users utilising VSS which I need for open file when the backup runs, this is not duplicati's problem just that Windows does not by default allow Standrd Users permission to use VSS.

The obvious option is to run the application as Administrator by modifying the shortcut to RunAs Administrator etc. This is fine except I hate having to input my Administrator password after logging in, so I researched on how to remove this annoyance.

C:\Users\james>runasspc /cryptfile:"C:\Users\james\_config\runasspc\duplicati_crypt.spc" /program:"C:\Program Files\Duplicati\Duplicati.exe" /domain:"3MMEL-TP01" /user:"root" /password:"password"
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